Friday, 22 October 2010



now, i locked myself up in my room practicing my english for tomorrow speaking test (IELTS). ahhhh!! i am quite nervous now, and i think this feeling will go wayyy high tomorrow.

after that, i'm going to have listening, reading and writing test on saturday morning. i already talk to my family, asked for them to pray for me. i hope that everything will be going just fine.

i already had some tips. and i reallllyy hope that my english flows easily. i'm not a good speaker but i wish i have good marks for all bands. however, all these IB stuff didnt allow me much time to prepare but nevermind, i think Allah can help me on this problem. and as matter of fact, it's Allah who permits all the situations happened. 

so, a lot of prayers, i guess. i need to be calm and relax or else, ....*nauzubillah*.

O Allah, make this test easy for me. only you could let this happens.! aminn..

okay, i think it's better to continue to practice. i'm writing this just to release some of the pressure. hahahaha *it's not a true laugh*

see you later. pray for me, friends. aja2 fighting, bella.!!

all the best to my biotech friends too..!  


ainah mahani said...

macam ustaz idris ckp dalam ceramah smalam, kite kena sinergikan zikir ngan fikir, sunnatullah + syariatullah, doa dan jugak strategi..

all da best BELLA.. :)

Atiqah Hanis said...

best of luck =)

silentdreamer said...

thank you both of u, dears!
ainah n tiqa hanis.

will remember that!:)

khadijah said...

bella, you can do it!! insya allah, kalau kita percaya dengan Allah mesti ganjarannya lumayan. usaha2 dan doa byk2..good luck! =))

silentdreamer said...

thank u kd!!
insyaAllah i'll try my best..:)