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inilah padahnya buat kerja last minute. memang bersengkang mata la. *eyebag~~* sekarang dah pukul 2 lebih, still tak tidur lagi. adoiii..takut esok mengantuk dalam kelas. niat nak strive for 42 this sem. tapi, kalau macam ni la perangai aku. teruk la nampaknya. aii~ berubah bella!!


(by F.Nabilah)

“ Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love”
-Albert Einstein-
Just like what Albert Einstien said, everyone can fall in love. It did not take account of your personal details or else, because love is a very natural thing. Therefore, to see a young teen falling in love is a norm but what do you feel if the young teen is having a serious relationship? Because a research stated that many parents or adults are against of this issue; which is “Starting a serious relationship at a young age”.

So, do you know what the real meaning of having a serious relationship is? How young is too young to be in a serious relationship? What are the pros and cons of this kind of relationship especially for teenagers? Here are some signs on how to know that you are in a serious relationship;

1. You drop the "I" or "you" and start referring to each other as "we".

2. There is no one else that you can imagine being with than him or her. They are starting to become the most important person in your life.

3. You catch yourself thinking about ways to please your partner rather than yourself.

4. You see yourselves growing old together, walking hand in hand along the shore, and taking care of each other.

5. You have fun imagining what your children and grandchildren will be like.

6. You start looking at money in a different way, like thinking about buying a house together, saving for a trip together, spending it on anything that you both can share.

7. You cancel dates with your friends and other people because you would rather spend time with him or her.

8. You start feeling tired of the single life and start thinking about getting married.

9. You feel strongly that it is very important for your family and your 'special someone's' parents to get along.

10. You start thinking and talking more about the future and your goals together.

Now, to answer the next question; how young is too young to start a committed love affair? Brian Lee, a medical student, who says “If you are not old enough to get married, you are not old enough for a romantic relationship”.

Based on a research, out of 10 people, 7 agreed that having a serious relationship for young teen is a bad idea. Shahrin Adam, an architecture student in a private college says, “From personal experience and from the experiences of those close to me, it's a bad idea. But that doesn't mean it’s negative 100% of the time. Some people have had great experiences or even ended up married to that person they dated at a young age”.

“I think it's a bad idea for a few reasons,” agreed Pamela, a senior student who studies law. “Firstly, you are just trying to figure out who you are as a teenager. I have changed so much between the ages of 16 and 24. When you're in a relationship, that can hinder your growth individually and you may unintentionally find your identity in that person. Also, when you're in a serious relationship, there's so much commitment that you make choices based on your relationship. For example, you may not take that summer internship in another state or go abroad for a semester because you don't want to be apart. Also, when you're older, you may look back and feel like you "wasted your time" giving so much of yourself to someone when you were so young.”

According to her, serious relationship can destroy your “golden teenage period”. It is not just regretting of your stupid mistakes and also craving for your unforgettable memories with your high school friends. Actually, a poll shows that many teenagers nowadays are trying to get in a relationship just for fun and protection. Hence, getting into a devoted relationship is a senseless decision. “My views are that courtship is the purpose of finding you the right marriage mate. If you are not ready for a marriage, why start the process? It is not a game. Why advertise something that you have no intention of selling”, notes Hana Amin, a vice president of Youth Club Organization.

On the other hand, there are respondents who opposed the voice of majority. Maira claims, “I met my husband when I was 16 (I’m now 26) and we have been married now for almost 6 years and we have two beautiful children. Any relationship will have its good or bad times, it is all how you deal with it at any age. While there are things that I could have done differently I made a choice and it worked out for the best.”

Nathan Kumar finds it is depends on the person, “I think it is depends on the person. Is he or she responsible? There are so many factors. My best friend, Dave is in a relationship with my other best friend and it is going really well. His girlfriend is a senior for next year as me and Dave graduated this year. Dave was number 5 out of over 400 people and his lover is expected to be top 5 as well. Obviously, they are very responsible and have their priorities straight. So, it’s not about age at all. It is about maturity.”

As we can see, age is not the factor but the maturity of the couple which is really matters. Even an adult still cannot get away from breakup, split up and divorce. Adults make mistakes just like teenagers do. But there is a problem when you make the same mistake over and over again and yet still did not learn.

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