Thursday, 11 June 2009



it was a very busy and tiring day for me as me and my family except my father left our home in the morning and arrived home at night!! fewh~~

basically, the day is to complete the things that have to be done before entering the mara college. open bank account which took the half day just for that purpose!! argh! then, making bank draft , medical checkup and bla3...

the most annoying and cruciating plus making-me-mad-at-the-end-of-the-day is to find my black shoes. gosh! where in the world is a 10 size beautiful black ballerina???

so, the story was....
at first, just like the plan: buy MY SHOES to wear in college. so, we went to mines. searching for my shoes like hell for almost 2 to 3 hours. unfortunately, the same things happens again and again when it comes to buy some good shoes. NO SHOES THAT IS FIT WITH MY FEET!!

at the end, everyone except me got their new shoes/things!!! that fact made me feel so sad..! urgh!

right now, i try to be positive. there will be great shoes for me tomorrow!! BELIEVE IT BELLA!! i'm forcing myself.....;(


Asyraf Abdul Rahim said...

hehe. kaki gajah. :P

kite kaki saiz 10 gak.

orang cakap kaki saiz besar ni kaki orang luar negara. bg diorang saiz 10 ni standard taw, hehe.

bangga x saiz 10?

Anonymous said...

weh kite pun same jugak seorang je yg tak dapat beli kasut semalam...tapi sebab takde saiz EMPAT...sama tapi berbeza?!

silentdreamer said...

asyraf>> bangga 2 mmg la tp seksa gak la coz xdpt kasut yg kte suke..wargh~~!!;(

diba>>hmm..nasibla kte.!! sama tapi x serupa!! ;)