Tuesday, 16 June 2009

birthday gurls!!!


i'm in a very very very great mood now. eventhough it's in the middle of night.

to my dear friends, ku nazurah..seriously i had never been so much happy like this.
i'm very affected of your entry...it's all about friendship.

now, i want to tell a story about this 2 girls.
first they met is in their elementary school. although at first they were not in the same class, they were very nice to each other. until they were in the standard 6, they became a really close friends.
but still, the bond was not much obvious.

then, when they met again in the secondary school, they became a really really close friends. they're in the same class. they love talking to each other. in whatever place. bilik gosok is the most frequent. always share their thoughts together. always have different opinions. always fighting whose the best opinion. but then, still, it didn't matter. what does really matter is their friendship.

unfortunately, when they were in the upper form, the conversation is getting less and less. as both of them were very busy with their own duty. both of them were a member of differrent high committee.

but, it's still didn't matter as both of them believe and trust with each other.
they believe that the bond is very strong eventhough they can't see it.
they always tried to keep in touch with each other.

eventhough they're not seeing everyday now.
but still, they remember each other until forever.

it's about me and my dear friend, ku nazurah husna ku mohd noh.

sorry if you think my writing is a bit funny. it's my first time to write like this. i'm writing this with my very sincerity which came from deep inside of my heart.

let's just stop right there.
now, i want to wish my dorm c's senior, kak aliaa nabilah kamaruddin!!
happy birthday akak!!
may god bless you..

and, my close friends too, nur atiyah dinie mat ariffin!!
atiyah, all the best kat matrik penang tu..

tbe2...rindu pulak waktu kat dorm c dulu, mula2 sambut birthday aku (15jun). then, malam tu pulak sambut birthday kak aliaa (16jun), malam esok pulak, sambut birthday atiyah (17jun)..
kadang2, aku rasa kesian dekat budak2 dorm c. habis suara diorang sebab kena nyanyi lagu 3 hari bturut2. tapi, nak buat macamana..hehe;)

okay2..2 je kot. happy birthday again!!


mimie said...

hello you.
belle happy belated brthday ;) u're getting older. HAHAHAHAHA XD but still i love youuu!

silentdreamer said...

thank you..
but you're getting older first!!