Monday, 15 June 2009



this is a space to show my gratitude to all of these persons for making me happy and lucky to have such great people in my life!!

firstly, my family. of course!!

second, to: ainhalil, leya, mimie, nadia, ieqa,ummu, fathin, zatyishak, daah, miera, lin, bilah, fatinnurain, ku nazurah, aina zulkifli, atiyah, bie, dura, hanis, fieda,tikahz, haris and ammar.

eventhough it's just a simple message that you give, it's a big meaning for me. a meaning of remember your friend. still didn't forget me eventhough we're not in the same school anymore. *sigh*..kind of missing cheering and laughing in my high school. ahh!!~~ i miss u so much!! i will not forget all of you!!


majesty said...

happy birthday darling!!!!

silentdreamer said...

thnk you kak aliaa!!
happy birthday jugak!!;)