Friday, 23 April 2010



alhamdulillah today i felt like very pleased. so calm. maybe because this week was a very hectic week. yeah, it was!! spending all day long until night just to do work not my homework or revision really made me feel worried all time. stressing myself in order to keep me to finish the work. haha. adoi~~ that was it. 

today, i'll return back to my sweet home. i miss u my home!! especially my family. but, my father is not here in kl. he's in perlis my kampong visiting my relative, tok lang wahab, who just passed away couple days ago. innalillah. i dont know but i heard a lot about people passed away. alhamdulillah ALLAH still want us to keep thinking about death which is for muslim, death is not something to be scared of. death is a way for us to redeem what we were doing during our life in the world. all the hardworks pays in the hereafter. insyaALLAH, we start to improve ourselves find the happiness there. the true happiness. 

" orang yang paling bijak ialah orang selalu mengingati mati"


okay, let's move on. now, everybody in kmb is in the mood of study. what else, EE, worldlit, G4 and much more. the year two students are busy to prepare for their last exam to determine whether they could fly or not. meanwhile, me and my batch, the year ones are busy to struggle sem 2 exam to determine our placement (country). like me, non-medic student, in order to get UK, i've to compete with other non-medic which are biotech and engineering students. in a simple way to say, only top 20 can futher study in UK. or else, choose another country. my choice? 

1. UK
2. NZ 
3. AUS
4. CAN

i dont mind to study anywhere but if i have a chance, manchester will be the place. even NZ is nice what?! very beautiful place to live. i already had the list of universities for every country and its course. just the chance that i'm trying to grab. make a lot of effort and doing it because of ALLAH, insyaallah we'll strive for success! very semangat sekarang nih..hehe. because once my friend said, 

" berusahalah..kerana usaha itu milik kita. result semuanya dah ada pada ALLAH. ALLAH ingin melihat sejauh mana usaha kita dan sejauh mana kita bergantung padaNYA. " 

erm..i think that's all. okeyh..salam.^_^ 

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