Monday, 19 April 2010



hi, everyone! i am so sad rite now..seeing everyone happy as they got their own present made me sooo heartbreaking. it's not jealousy but it's about why did I get this. yup, i admit i was imagining it quite high. but hey, it's not my fault. it's my pal mistake to tell me that it is special. nevermind, at least my pal gave me something, rite?! than gave nothing. that's waayyy down deeper cuts my heart.huhu.

seeing that everyone get their own sweet memories with their own pal made it reallly worse. how unlucky am i, kan?? ughhh~~

i dont want to talk anymore. just hey there delilah can cure my soul. it soothe with the mood, i guess?! so, lastly, i learnt determination is not to someone you dont know, but it's for something that you really know and you go for it!!

okay, that's enough. yesterday, i got wanie's presents which are;

a very sweet loleepppop~~~!!
a verryy cuttteee card with a bear on top it!!<3
and lastly,,,meeet my my new couselor, JEP! he's the first to hear this problem from me..haha. but, this is not from wanie. this is from my classmate. we did swap-present-thingy and i got this!!

u know, jep. my face is just like you rite now..very steamy eyes with no smile...~


hakimansor said...

dah2,jgn sdey2! :)

silentdreamer said...

da x sdey da
btw thank u!!