Sunday, 18 April 2010



a very pleasure to write another post with a great mood!

today is the best day for this whole weekend. i mean the best-est!!

we're having a farewell party for our class. playing bowling together. laughing each other. support everyone. cheer anyone. that's just soooo sweet.!

i dont know but playing bowling made me miss my family a lot. i was reminiscing when i was spending time together with ayah, mama, angah, jia in the bowling centre. imagine back when ayah was trying to help jia to throw the ball with a weight that jia cannot lift it. when angah was trying soo hard to get strike. imagine my mom's face after she can't get strike or spare made me longing for them very3 much!! awwwhhhh...i'm homesick with a very high degreeness of homesick!!

insyaallah they will be safe and sound during their flight from jakarta to kl. amin...!

one thing for sure, all the things happen today made me feel so grateful to live in this earth, in this era, in this place, in this family. to have such great true friends. thank you so much, friends!! for making my happy days. spending time with all of you made me feel calm and forget my homesickness for a while. i'm sure you felt that way too. ^_^

thank you, YA ALLAH! alhamdulillah for giving me such a great life to live. to have such great people so that i can know YOU better. so that i can feel your LOVE, feel your FORGIVENESS. and much more. alhamdulillahh..YOU give me soo much happiness until now. abundance of nikmat that i cant return it back if i have to. thank you ya ALLAH!!!


"......sungguh, ALLAH maha pengampun maha penyayang." 4:23

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