Friday, 22 January 2010



it's almost, i dont know, maybe a week or more than that since i posted the last entry. what a tiring week!! college life is very tough! and what made me sad is today i cant go back home. so sad!! but nevermind it's for my own sake, especially my math.! it's like you're having a non-stop work for every second. every second there always had a job or work. it was seriously a chaotic week.! just now, when i back to my room, i spend 2 hours sleeping!!! what the ..... i guess i'm very exhausted cause after i woke up, i felt sooo fresh. even now, i feel that too.

so, the works can't stop coming towards me. it seems like work and me are un"separate"able.. and in this moment, i felt so sad as i felt like i didn't contact or sms with my old friends especially mimie. i'm soooo longing to speak to you!! congratz for your video..!! it seems like your days are getting interesting with all your YT friends. i'm sorry we can't talk like we used to be. and i know you feel the same too.

okay, i guess that just it. i'll improve my post because it keeps getting boring to read. frankly speaking, i dont have time to find pic and put it on.

see you next time. jaa~~

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