Wednesday, 6 January 2010!


nice to meet you..but for me, personally today is not a nice day..huhu. today is our first day of our 2nd semester and what made me sad is my result!! so, this whole week we just having exam review and u tell me who like exam review..?! just so you know, my grades are not okay!! seriously, NOT OKAY! the "how bad it is" is best can be pictured by "swearing words" but i dont need that words in my blog..hehe.

as i getting the papers i was really down..really3 wayyy's like i wanna commit think it was kind overacting but that's exactly the feeling. i dont wanna talk so much about this or else, i weep.

so, my reaction..? i think it's enough to whine about it. if i keep pressuring myself with this kind of result i think i'll never move forward. aku dah tak larat nak tension2 dah..with rain's voice in full house saying "aja2 hwaiting" playing in my mind, i'll try my very best to make good grades.!! insyaallah..

i dont want to feel sad anymore..with "aja2 fighting" spirit and when i looked at desktop background and my family picture on the shelf, it lifts me up!! i want to stay positive nowadays and i hope everyone can stay like that too..thank you friends for comforting me just now. if not, i will stay pressuring myself..thank you again!!

last but not least..aja2 fighting!!


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