Monday, 4 January 2010



fnally, dapat jugak aku update blog nih..!muahahaha. anyway, thanks again for those who follow my blog yang tak seberapa nih. arigato na~^^

anyway, for those who congratz to my bro, thanx very much!!

okay, disebabkan sudah berapa lama tak update and tak menulis. so, dengan kemudahan laptop office ayah aku plus semangat yang membara serta keinginan untuk online yg melampau, aku akan bercerita sebanyak yg mungkin. recommendedly for those yang takde masa, sila beralih pada page yang lain. this is a SUGGESSTION! but anyhow, aku nak cerita sekarang.

okeyh, sekarang ni ke-addict-an aku terhadap drama2 korea sangatla mendadak. mana taknya, dari hari jumaat, aku layan cerita full house (walaupon dah masuk kali ke-3 aku tengok cerita nih) sampaila hari ni. satu hari 4 episod! hik3. lepas tu, dengan ringtone call and message aku semuanya lagu a.n.jell. haih, mana tak addictnye~~ tapi, seriously, korean dramas play important role in my life. lightens my day and lifts me up. okay, memang nampak macam mengarut tapi itulah hakikat.

so, u know what, last sunday i think, i'm not sure, kitorang 1 family tengok avatar. best ssangat cerita itu. jake sully hot kot lepas dia shave pastu dia buat rambut cacak..haha. but, the main thing is 1 family aku dah addict dengan na'vi tu. tak habis2 toruk maktou (the last shadow rider) la, omiticaya la macam2 la adik aku tu..ayah aku pun 2 x 5 je..hehe. but, anyway, memang enjoy habis la. aku baru je borak dengan kawan aku pasal cerita tu. aku cakap aku tak boleh tinggal kat pandora, aku gayat orangnya..haha.

close that story, move on to hospital attachment (H.A) pulak.. at first, me and my friends thought it was going to be a severely boring H.A. yup, it was boring at first day but it turned out so well in 2nd and 3rd. enjoy giler weyh!! 2nd day, we were standing in the labour room watching moms screaming painfully to deliver their baby. so, what i was thinking at that particular time, god! it was horror!!! i just want to see the patient's face only. and u know what the staff nurse said, "jangan tengok muka patient, tengok bawah (it means where the baby came out, u know it rite?!) " technically, it was scarier than watching horror movies, TOTALLY!
so, please people apologise to your mom if you're doing wrong with her, NOW!!

3rd day,we got a chance to watch a post-mortem (bedah siasat mayat). it is a police case. i think the girl is raped. poor her. i watched they took semen sample and cut her skin (bruises) to find out the cause of death. of course the police were there snapping pictures and everything just like in the CSI. her face was terribly injured. memang dah tak nampak muka mayat tu. nampak darah je all over her face. the world is so mean. i mean the people now. they like to think every single thing in a BLUE way (u know what i mean). i think the media really plays a BIG ROLE in making that kind of thinking, rite? even some of us (muslim) who already knew why we were here in this "short term world" practised that kind of way of thinking. please i strictly HATE IT! and nauzubillah..

so, i think that's all. tomorrow, i will go back to my college. starting a new semester with a new year and hopefully a new spirit.

aja2 fighting!! kerja keras all the way~!!

till then, jaa~

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