Friday, 29 January 2010

take a moment pleaseee!!


so, was your day?? nothing special..or it's your worst day ever..or the best of the best-est days that you had??

okay..move on. i had this video to show to all of you. seriously, you have to watch it!!! if you dont push the "play" had make a very terrible decision. you loss something which is really can make you smile and even make yourself really better.

i wish and hope everyone who visit this blog can watch this video.

you wanna know how i was feeling when first time i saw this video.? it touched my heart soooo much!! and it made my tears came out from my eyes. it really3 worth it to watch. and it keeps make me happy and thankful to be born as a muslim.

it's just need your heart and your mind put together in a place. open your eyes and your mind and your soul. please....insyaallah. allah will give us hidayah everytime. amin..^_^

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Atiqah hanis said...

kite dah tgk ade kawan bagi link..
i agreee, really touched me ^^