Monday, 25 January 2010


i think i want to practice that style of face too..haha. just for the selfish person!!


i just finish my rollcall block...i wonder if the hostel in universities still have rollcall.? i dont know.. because rollcall to me, is very "high school thingy".hehe. anyhow, instead of that thing, i admit that rollcal had its own positive side. like... i know what is happening in my block.! and now, i want to share something which made me sooo mad and frustrated to some people in my block.

so, the story started when last week we (me and my blockmates) had severely blackout! and serious blackout ever was last night from 12 something till 2 a.m. in the morning.

yes, i knew what was the cause that this happening. overusage electricity of plugs in room. from the first day i came here, the wardens (that is sooo high school!) alrealdy told us that the plugs in the room just for laptop and charger and nothing else. but there was some people who are very2 selfish using all electrical appliances that they had in thier room. and you know what, beacuse of what they did, they already burn the wire (i think it's the main wire or something) and luckily the blackout prevented from the wire completely burnt. AND IF the wire is completely burnt..gosh! there's a fire in my block!! seriously..that was SCARY!!!

now, i learnt that just because of one's stupid act made everybody suffer!! just like the malays' peribahasa..kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga..(wahhh bersastera la pulak!!^^)

okay, back to the serious atmosphere please...

move on, so, from the rollcall that i just had, my block captain told that stupid kid or kids is from my floor..hey i think i knew who it is but nevermind i hope that this or these persons change their attitude..stop playing with the fire!! you're making us get into trouble or worst case scenario, maybe DEATH?!

so, reflect yourself.!! it's not about your electrical's about your selfishness!! again..SELFISHNESS!

i think that's all. let's try to think others instead of just thinking about yourself. we live in the same planet, rite?!

till then, jaa~~

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