Monday, 4 January 2010


this is the 2nd post for today. ahh~ it felt so good that i already finished watching minami sineyo and full house. although it kind of sad to watch taekyung and minam without sound but it's okay.

but now, at this particular time, i keep sighing as i kept thinking about tomorrow i've to go back to my college. studying and working hard like usual. erm..its kind of bored to think of but this type of sigh always come every time.

i wonder how my 2nd semester is?? i kept thinking as i felt my self-esteem became low and low and low..just like that. i can feel my confidence keep decreasing when i'm thinking about the others, i mean my classmates and everyone in my college. i kind of sure how is my result and i have no regret about it. as my friends was praying, doing qiam and all that to get good marks for the sem 1 exam result, i just follow the flow doing no effort at all. anyway, it's just my THOUGHT but i'm sure there must be someone who did that, rite?

i wonder if i got enter any club because before this i was interested to enter this particular club but after going thru the interview i didn't make it..hehe. too bad. so, this kind of experience still make me low sometimes.

oh well, what i was thinking? i'm not sure. just making thoughts and keep lowering myself, i guess. actually, i'm writing just because i felt it. it makes me feel better everytime i finished writing in this blog. but i dont know whether it helps me solve the problem or not. haha. *see my laugh also is not pure*

okie dokie.. i guess that's all my crap. for those who read this post and now saying "this post is wasting my time, my eyes or whatsoever", i say i'm sorry. and thank you for reading.^^

till my next post...jaa ne~

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