Thursday, 20 October 2011



First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah for everything He will do/does/did. 


Now, I just want to share a story and it happened when I was in the first year in my college. At that time, we're in the prayer room and one of my seniors told me and others about her experience in that morning. She had an interview with a person from The University of Manchester, if I'm not mistaken and that person is an English man. I was so excited to know about her story especially at that time, I just entered my college and I was one of the people who really bad in speaking English, especially with English-native-speakers! In my first year, English class was one of the reasons I stress so much because I cannot speak fluently like others.

Deep in my heart, I asked myself, "How can she do it? I mean, if I'm in her shoes, I don't think it will going to be smooth.." So, the senior told us, yup, she did feel nervous and scarred at first but it is her father who gave her a very good advice that made she felt soo confident that day. Before the interview started, she called her father first and asked him to pray for her. The words that her father told her are sooo meaningful that I remember clearly until now. Her father said to her that do not feel nervous or scarred because the interviewer is just a human and Allah who holds his heart. If Allah wants to make the interviewer happy, he will be happy and if Allah want to make him dislike what you've said, then he will feel so. So, just pray to Allah, insyaAllah everything will be fine.

I really love the advice!! 

What happened yesterday really made me think about this story. Yup, Allah holds everyone's heart!! If you ask someone anything, just pray to Allah, insyaAllah Allah helps you through that person. :D 


peace be upon you!! ^_^


aunihannan said...

yup, that's really true bella! :)that's why, people who believe, they don't feel sad or worry... do we? hurm~

silentdreamer said...

auni!!, thnk u for being my loyal readers..awww~ sgt terharu! jazakillah,dear!