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Alhamdulillah for everything, Ya Allah!! ^_^

Alright, I just want to write something that I've done that I was so proud of. Maybe, if you read this, you will feel like, "Is that just it?? Duhh! -.-". But I don't care, I want it to...hehe.

So, it happened 2 days ago, when me, mariam and wani have a girls-day-out! Although it's tired, alhamdulillah it taught me of many things. Whenever we were talking in the car, there's a always a good thing that I learnt. Seriously, I don't lie. From management issues to car problem to family knowledge etc etc. It was a great day to spend with them. The day-out started from my former college in Banting, then went straight to Shah Alam (INTEC's hostel) and after that, we headed to Sunway.

Well, the most important thing to me here is, finally I have a full confidence to drive car anywhere (insyaAllah). To speak the truth, I was soo freaked-out when I knew that I have to drive to places that I've never been to. Fyi, I am a green person. So, I dont like to do things that I never ever prepared. Yup, since I was a kid until I am a grown-up,  my family taught me to do a slight preparation (at least) whenever I want to do something. In case if I want to go somewhere alone/or with friends, my dad will show me the routes and (sometimes) after that, he'll let me drive to make sure I'm really remember the routes. Sounds freaky rite? haha..but it's the truth.

The night before the day-out, I slept at 3 am just to google the maps. I did note every directions that Mr. Google said and also, draw the maps roughly. Seriously, I never have been this scarred because I cannot imagine at all the road trip. Even playing netball in final or answering IB exam can never be so much scarry. Maybe, because I cannot get the rough idea about what's going to happen.

And because of that, I really really depends on Allah. Immediately after I went out from the gate house I pray hardly to Allah. Every single du'a that came in my mind, I recited it loudly and I also restated and restated my intention. Yup, that what was happen while I'm all alone in my car. Over and over again.

Alhamdulillah, Allah is the best planner. The day went out smoothly (in my own definition where we were not involved in any accident, naudzubillah or the car broke down). If we were lost (that is the most frequent thing happened) , we stopped and asked people. One time, we had no clue how to go to Sunway from Shah Alam and we were really not sure either we were on the Federal Highway or else. So, we stopped at the petrol station and my co-driver, wani, asked the workers there but no one knew. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave His help through a Chinese uncle who willingly volunteered to take us to Sunway. We wrote the number plat but I've left it somewhere, so, sadly I cannot tell the number plat. Sorry. 

Big thanks to this Chinese uncle for helping. What can I say from here, do not hesistate to ask, and dont you ever doubt Allah's plan. InsyaAllah if we are really want to catch His blessings, then He will give it to us. It is just a matter of effort. (Allah doesnt need our effort, we are who really need the know what I'm saying?)

InsyaAllah, that's all to share. I want to record.

26/10/2011 --> Cheras - Banting - Shah Alam - Sunway - Cheras in 9 hours with a blurry directions!

Opps..forgot to mention. Big thanks to my parents for letting me to go out and lend me the car. Jazakallah n jazakillahu khair :) also to Mariam and Wani for making the day went out smoothly. and especially BIG BIG BIG ALHAMDULILLAH  to Allah ^_^

Okay, that's it. Thanks for reading!

Peace be upon you. ^_^

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