Friday, 14 October 2011


It's been such a roller coaster week..very emotional week, i can say. I dont know, maybe because of my unbalanced hormones and things happened in this week. yahh, i guess every places has its own obstacles right.? even me, who is just sitting in house for months had my own obstacles.

what happened needs me to be husnuszhon (positive-thinking)
what happened needs me to be patience
what happened needs me to be fair
what happened needs me to be struggle

Everything that Allah made for us is really special, you know. It makes us to stop for a while and think back again what is the purpose I am here. 

What happened really makes me missed Dhuha time in my college. Although the surau is full with many students, I always have my own space, being alone with Him, talking to Him, just me and The Creator. Yup, I really really miss that. (especially in this ABC period) 

I can feel peace at that time. I feel that I've been heard by Him. It's like a conversation happens but with one side only. What a dating!! 

I guess that is what makes every believers (Mu'minin) keep going in this road. To the next final destination. Meeting Him in real. (take a deep breathhhh...)

One more thing, it such a long time I've been separated from nature. Nature that always kept me thinking about Him. Wind. Air. Trees. Sky. Leaves. Grass. Hope to be alone with them. Just like in the old days, walking alone to the class, seeing all those Allah's creation is just enough to make me reflect and smile.

Here, I trapped in the house with no space close to the nature. They don't allowed me to go outside alone. I understand why they said so. Never mind. It's just about the time. InsyaAllah I'll be getting all that back when I start my university life..aminn.

O Allah, please let me drown in your Words especially the description of Your Jannah. I really want to be there with Your blessings.!

It's okay to be hard here in the World, friends. InsyaAllah, in the Hereafter, all of us will happily ever after there. 

Peace be upon You, readers ^_^



anisa said...

(^_________^) Gagahkanlah minda dan jiwa untuk terbang bebas laksana burung walau jasad terpenjara di rumah batu.erk. <3

silentdreamer said...

jazakillah choy!!!!!!!

a great thought utk aku yg tpenjara di rumah batu ni..erk! (hahaha :D)

miss u so much la!