Sunday, 30 October 2011


B is having her favourite fried chicken while her family members prefer rice as their dinner. Actually, B wants to have rice too but she had to take the chicken to make sure that she can watch her favourite TV show, Law Kana Bainana at TV AlHijrah. She really needs to watch it as she feels her 'iman' is slowly weakens day by day. She thought that if she watch the show, she can have something that can somehow heal her 'heart'. She is really looking for the healer of her 'iman'.

B is focusing on her TV, did not bother at all about her family members downstairs, taking out the dishes to be put in the dining mengkuang mat. Yes, B is in the upstairs, eating fried chicken while watching the show while her family members hungrily preparing the mat. Very bad girl! But she thought she's not doing any mistake cause her intention is to heal her iman. She really needs to increase her iman!

Her father called her, repeatedly, to make her to go to the kitchen to help her family members with the dinner. She answers with her mouth, not with her mind. Her mind is too focus on the TV show which now showing about 'Al-Itsar' (self-less). 

"Oh man, I really need to watch this! My 'iman' needs to be healed!", sighed B as she making her way to join her family member to finish the preparation so that majority of the family can have dinner. She cut the papaya with her unsatisfied feeling. "Great! Now, I just missed a great chance to strengthen my iman..", said B inside her painful heart. Only Allah knows how sad she is.

But, only Allah knows what happen. Even B too, did not realize what happened. She didn't notice at all how irony things can get. How irony Allah can do things for her. She's so immersed in her feeling that she cannot relate her situation with the TV show. The relation between Al-Itsar (self-less) and her situation. If she knows, she wouldn't feel that depressed.. 


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