Monday, 30 May 2011



good day all! how's everyone? well, to me, it's complicated to say cause here in my home, i am officially become a housemaid, nurse..hurm what else? maybe that's it for now. 

okay, during this holiday, i am really really doing my work as a daughter. why nurse? because my mum just got back from hospital last Friday and I have to take care of her. i think it's time for me to give back a little part of everything that she already did to me. my mum's sacrifice to us (her children) is wayyy bigger than mine. 

maybe, that's enough or else, i will keep blabbering about all the house chores..haha.

as for btn, yeah i just got back from Meru and sincerely i learned many things from it. i mean, this year of 20 (i'm 20 now..aiyo so old!) has given me many chance to see and discover about people's thought and their passions. like it's name "kursus kenegaraan", you can predict what are the things that they want to inject in our mind. 

i mean, it's not that i'm against the government or what but i just cannot completely go with the input. the discussion is just like you're in a TOK class but in bias situation. sorry to say but i have my own mission that is to make everyone on this earth know about Allah and feel the love of Allah (including to build up my iman which is super tough!).

but anyway, this btn camp really opened up my mind where I met different people with different thoughts and that's when i know "whoa! we have tonnes of works to do, Bella!" 

discussing about this World is okay to me but not as a whole part of it. 

i don't know but when they say about their aim is to get this bla..bla..bla. i said it's absolutely true! but is that all?? think again.

to conclude, it was an awesome camp. I made a lot of friends especially non-muslims. before this in kmb, i didn't take a chance to get to know them but at there, there are a few people of non-muslim that i could bond to. i really like my group. they're funny and very nice people! i laughed all the way from the 2nd day until the last day in Meru. 

whoa, that's too much to write. i don't think anyone will put an effort to read this post..hik3. this post is just a reflection of one of the scenes in my life. nothing else, okay? it's just how i see things based on what i learned in my life. 

you're cool? if yes, you're positive people, man!

what a feeling!? huhu..

till i write again...peace be upon me and you. 

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