Sunday, 5 June 2011



Morning, everyone! May Allah bless you!!

okay, allow me to share a quote from Saidina Ali which I knew it from TV this morning. but, I apologize because I cannot find the quote in english. so, here it is; 

Kebaikan itu semuanya terhimpun dalam empat perkara: 
Percakapan, diam, pandangan dan gerak. 

Tiap-tiap percakapan yang tidak disertai dengan mengingati Allah adalah sia-sia, tiap-tiap diam yang tidak disertai dengan memikirkan kebesaran Allah adalah leka, tiap-tiap pandangan yang tidak disertai dengan pengambilan iktibar adalah lalai, dan tiap-tiap gerak yang tidak disertai dengan perhambaan adalah kosong.

when i read it on the TV screen, i was very sad and shocked. i looked back at myself. there are many many many times i was in vain. -.- before this, i said to my friends or even in this blog, i always wrote that i dont want to do anything that will not bring benefit to my life in Hereafter (Akhirat) but based on this words by Saidina Ali, i am that kind of person that i hate! hurts me a lot!

so, now, i need to watch out my words, my movement, my silence and my sight. these 4 basic daily routines should be based on Allah only. 

okay, everyone! dont forget to always refresh your soul :) 

peace be upon all of you.! ^_^v

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