Tuesday, 3 May 2011



peace to everyone! insyaAllah it'll be a short and brief post.

my IB exam countdown is showing 1 day, 13 hours, 10 minutes and 10 seconds for the exam...arghh!! is it happening? i cant believe it! now it's the time to take everything with us to face this exam. i dont know why but IB exam is really feels like facing SPM or even more challenging, of course.

like this one particular blogger said that try to google IB life and you'll found it easily! or you can even youtube it. i watched this particular video "twIBight" when i was in sem 1. wayyy scary..haha.

okay, what's more important is i want to wish all the best to all IB exam candidates May 2011 around the world, especially my batch (Batch Kita) year 2 students. insyaAllah we will going to make it!! IB 45!!

also, to my friends since kindergarten, elementary school and high school who are taking sem exam, good luck all!! may Allah help us all the way, okay?!

pray for me! and everyone too..bittaufiq wannajah ^_^

all of sudden, i'll remember a phrase from Tafsir Fi Zilalil Quran (In the Shade of AlQuran) by As-Syahid Syed Qutb talked about The Believers (orang2 yang beriman) in Surah Al-Mutaffifin;

"Victory will not be theirs as a personal reward. They will be given power as trustees appointed for the implementation of the Islamic way of life. They will be worthy trustees because neither were they promised nor did they look for any worldly gain. They pledged themselves truly to God at a time when they were unaware of any worldly benefit that may befall them except that they would win God’s pleasure."

or in malay translation...;

"..Allah menjadikan kemenangan itu amanah bukan kemenangan untuk mereka, tetapi untuk membolehkan mereka untuk memikul amanah Allah....Mereka benar- benar jujur kepada Allah sejak mereka tahu bahawa satu-satunya balasan untuk mereka ialah keredhaan Allah."

yes! the real victory is not IB but Allah's pleasure. IB exam is just one of the ways to make the path become closer to Allah. to make everyone knows about Allah. bear that in mind, bella.!

so, all the best to myself and friends. may Allah grants every single thing that we did now, before and after this. May Allah gives His help to us during the exam or in our whole life.



Zahra Ameerah said...


ima ni. Huhu. Good luck ye:)
Btw, i've change my url blog.


Hee, keep update k :)

silentdreamer said...

thank u ima!!

dah follow dah..
insyaAllah i'll keep update ur blog.

dun worry ^_^