Wednesday, 11 May 2011


assalamualaikum, people!

alhamdulillah, for this time being, 3 subjects down and 3 more to go which are biology, malay and economics. too many books to read now and i somehow not feel like to read  all academics books. pleasee just for a while. insyaAllah tonight (or tomorrow) i will get back to my books. currently choice of books? Return of The Pharaoh. just a little bit of that and then, hello again biology books!! (and malay..and econs...) huhu

okay people, stay strong and the most important stay close to Allah, alright?! insyaAllahu ta'ala..

work for the sake for Allah.! pray for me and muslims all around the world. 

jaaa ne!

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Zahra Ameerah said...

Bella :)

btw, usrah under ape?