Thursday, 19 May 2011



is this picture enuff to tell how happy i am?? *wink3*
how's my blog? great, huh? haha. *nothing else to say, bella?!* anyway, can you detect with my tone of voice now (i mean not literally voice) but my tone of writing perhaps? haha

see, i feel like i'm talking nonsense right now but actually, i'm soooo happy!! happy plus grateful plus overwhelmed and you name it. yeah, that's what i feel when i'm officially an EX IB student. haha.*how many 'haha'..duh!*

the IB exam has ended for me but not for the business students. dont worry, tomorrow, they'll feel the same. it feels calm and happy like you just wanna smile and smile and keep doing it over and over again. 

the 2 years of IB student, i had learnt many things about life. hardship (almost..), pain, determination, friendship and especially a TRUE LOVE. 

i feel lucky as i learnt something which is really really important to me which is Him. KMB will be one of the places that i never forget. how can you forget a place that met you with your real happiness, right.?  

kmb equals to no ordinary place

it's not the place actually but it's the people and the knowledge that i gained there is extraordinary and most probably the precious one would be learning about MYSELF. cause i found who i am as a muslim and yet i dont know how is my ending as a muslim. i hope that every second that i learnt here will not be wasted in the future. amin...^_^

like what one of my friends said, "we have a lot of things to do!"

yes, what she said is absolutely true! 

this college is just a pit stop for my journey as a Muslim and a student. just like this World, a place to stay for a while to continue the quest to the final destination, the Hereafter. 

may Allah bless us everyday and teach everything with His touch. ^_^


duniaku said...

long tyme no see..hhhhee:)

Zahra Ameerah said...

waa, bella da cuti la ni?
come2, join the group. hehe

silentdreamer said...

atiqah izni >> long time no see u too!! awat hg x slalu update blog? hik3

ima>> x start lagi cuti sbb next week ade kem BTN..huhu T_T