Sunday, 15 May 2011


we were just finished our last usrah meeting 3 hours ago and how can i describe the feeling. sad, thankful. everything's mixed up. was a very enjoyable usrah and all of us are very close to each other. laugh together, eat together, talk together and the most powerful is we learn about Allah together. 

it's hard to find that strong-bond circle of people where everyone of us are completely different and somehow Allah made us complement to each other. even though the time that we spend is not that long but i found happiness and gratefulness for every single moment that Allah gave us. 

i will always miss the six of them and also my partners. you girls are so great and i cherished the things that we did together. may everyone of us get the benefits from this usrah in terms of the World and the Hereafter. may Allah grants our discussions and all the activities. 

let distance keeps us apart cause Allah and our Aqidah always make us our hearts closer and closer. all the best for everyone especially my partners, Umai who will be going to UK for dentistry and Adina who will going to further her medicine in Johor.

and to my 6 cute sisters, 
and Kausar  

.....may Allah guides all of you all the way in your journey of IB and life now and hereafter. apply what have you learn and understand. insyaAllah may Allah give the strength for all of you to continue the journey of every muslim in KMB.

and most importantly, is to thank Allah for everything that You bestowed me. All praises to Him for everything that He did. if it's not because of You, i'll never know about love, pain, determination and much more. it is a bless that You gave me and i pray that the bless will carry on until the Hereafter. 

O Allah, indeed, we are only seeking for Your pleasure. ^_^



Aliya Najiha said...

kak bella, baik2 tau. sayang kak bella! :)

silentdreamer said...

insyaAllah u take care of urself too okay?? jaga diri n plg pnting jaga hati... syg sama kamu jugak!!