Tuesday, 25 August 2009



hmm..nothing much to say. just wanna share something;

before this, i kind of not interested in taiwan drama..more to jk drama. obviously everybody knows it, rite?!

but then, a few weeks ago. i accidently hang out in my block's tv room (accident la sangat..teehee). this is all beause of my study carol (really made me wanna sleep). can you imagine the place where you're studying is just next to your bed? really3 next as if you turn your head to the left, there, you can see it!haha;)

so, back to the story...at 4 pm. one of my blockmates, DJ, enter the tv room. before that, it was me alone in the room doing my homework. she really fast when she opened the tv! and i asked what's the matter? and that time she told me about this taiwan drama. BULL FIGHTING..or hooping dulci...(opps..i dont remember the spelling) but the stars in the drama really caught my attention. mike he..yup he was in the devil beside you. yah i did watch that drama but i didnt enjoyed it much. and the others are hebe from s.h.e (i just knew her from YT) and lee wei from my lucky star..and again i did watch it but it was the same reason with devil beside you.

the whole story just like other taiwan drama where the girl is acting cute (or other people said really cute) and is fell in love with a mean guy (supposed to be) then he turns to a really3 sweet guy. and the girl also forgot the really3 nice guy who was always beside her for a long time (since she's a child) protect and care about her a lot. and as usual, there's a conflict..bla..bla..bla..

i think what made the story interested so much for me is the first reason must be the hero!(so perfect! haha) i wish i can have the same guy in the future..hik3(mula dah berangan..astaga!) but, as the story grows it became more and more fun to watch!

i think i stop here. got many works to do..(tapi ada je masa buat benda2 ngarut nih..lol)
till then, anniyong!!^_^

this is the guy! mike he..lol<3


Anonymous said...

weh...mike nih pernah collaborate dengan yamapi tau =P

silentdreamer said...

yeke diba??
lagu pe??
best gler tgk dua mamat nsem bgabung!!