Monday, 24 August 2009!^_^


alright! now, i just got home from j.j (jaya jusco) near my house. eventhough i'm a bit tired because i'm fasting (everyone is fasting too la bella..) , i'm very2 happy!! because i got new shoes from my mom. mama, thank you soooooo much!! sayang mama..hik3:) seriously, it's the best shoes i ever had..(yup! because this is my first-totally-awesome-'girly'-shoes..hihi).

again..mama arigato na~

okay, let's move on. there's something i'm really2 excited about...yesterday, me and my family went to klang (my cousin's house) for buka puasa there. so, it's a quite long time since the last time i drove ( i think a few months ago). and the fast speed that i can reach that time was 80km/h something. yup! still fast for me..hehe;). then, yesterday, my father told me to drive my mom's new car. the car is just 3 weeks old! at first, i'm sooo afraid because it's a new car and i haven't drive for a long time!

but then, i just gave it a try. i thought i wanted to drive slow and steady..maybe around 80++. as time goes by, i didn't realise that i already reached 110..! wow! that was a record for me!! i amazed and excited.totally!! plus, there's a few time i also drive in the very right lane..(is my spelling right? i dont care..)

so, basically, that was a thrilling scene in my yesterday! i can't help it!

p/s: mimie, i'm soo sorry i can't reply your text because my prepaid is expired. i promise when i topup i'll text a.s.a.p. and also, i got your mice picture!! you're soo lucky!!;)

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