Tuesday, 7 February 2012



InsyaAllah today, will going to write something serious (is there any not-serious post in your blog, bella?). Anyway, before that, Salam Maulidur Rasul to all of you, my dear readers! Happy birthday, my beloved Rasulullah saw!! I really hope to be one of the people who sit along beside you in the Jannah, ya rasulullah!! T_T

As for Maulidur Rasul, I want to talk about our brothers and sisters in Syria. It started from this morning when I saw a tweet from one of my friends in KMB, praying for Syrians. From there, I googled about it and found out that there are many versions of Syrian Revolution. 

I bet there will be some of the people who will have difficulties to know who's in the right side and who's in the wrong side. Actually, the revolution began from the act of children drew some graffiti that shown elements of objection to the Basyir al-Assad's government. After that, all the children has been abducted and there are a child that tortured to death. I don't know if all of the children are tortured to death cause I only found news about a child named Hamza Ali al-Khateeb for that matter. 

I also found about As-syahidah Zainab Umar Al-Husni. This is where I get two different sources about her. Media can be so complicated and I can say, whoever conquers the media, he/she can conquer the world. You can't even tell who is actually the guilt unless you are the victim or you've been there in Syria. But now, alhamdulillah, people are more intelligent (I guess) where they don't believe one source only, especially the mainstream famously known media broadcasting (you think it by yourself, okay?).

I hope that me and you, my readers will be a very good Muslim, has this strong sensitivity about Islam and our brothers and sisters all around the world. Cause being a Muslim, it's not all about ourselves, it's about us and how can you say you love someone but you dare to laugh when he/she suffers. I thought by posting about this (Syrian Revolution) will help them somewhere somehow. Yes, I admit I don't always have the muslim-sensitivity button turns on. If there's something happens about anything especially about Muslim all around, just let me know okay.

I pray to Allah that one day (asap), Allah will reveal the truth and make all of His slaves happily ever after :) The syahids and syahidahs always energizes my dream to have that title one day..aminn!

Peace out!

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