Tuesday, 3 August 2010



tonight, this uneasy feeling is all the way on top of my head. in its own amplitude. soooo helpless. nothing more i can do. i dont know why. everything turns upside down. sooo sad yet sooo dont wanna think about it. it mess up my mind. all the works gave me no time to think of those problems. especially with people surrounds me.

but, suddenly this song really touched me...soo deep. really express my feeling of need now. really suit.!! i kept on playing it again and again. cause it meaning a lot to me up until now. 

You came to me in that hour of need

When I was so lost, so lonely

You came to me took my breath away

Showed me the right way, the way to lead

You filled my heart with love

Showed me the light above

Now all I want Is to be with you

You are my One True love

Taught me to never judge

Now all I want is to be with you


You came to me in a time of despair

I called on you, you were there

Without You what would my life mean?

To not know the unseen, the worlds between

For you I’d sacrifice

For you I’d give my life

Anything, just to be with you

I feel so lost at times

By all the hurt and lies

Now all I want is to be with you

Showed me right from wrong

Taught me to be strong

Need you more than ever

Ya Rasul ALLAH

You came to me

In that hour of need

Need you more than ever

Ya Rasul ALLAH

somehow, the lyrics made me smile again to see there's always more than what I imagined, I mean Allah never let His servant lost without no clue cause He is Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim...still THANK YOU ALLAH!!

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