Tuesday, 10 August 2010



soorry to all readers because my blog is messyy!! i know, it's quite disturbing. i'll try to find time to fix it up, kay? so, shall we change our mind for a moment to look only the content not the outer part of it. wahhh..wahhh

so, shall we celebrate this party??

i mean....

party of ibadah!!!

let's seek for the GREATEST happiness everrrr!!

ahhhhhh~~~ cant wait!!

so, readers! happy ramadhan to u guys...!! ramadhan mubarak. insyaAllah, let Allah give the deepest meaning of ramadhan to us. i hope that we can find the key to our happiness, our ABSOLUTE LOVE, Allah!!

my goal will be to khatam alquran this ramadhan. 
pray for me!

ya Allah i cant wait to fast in ramadhan..^_^
take care, everyone!!

jaa ne~~

ramadhan karim......:)


ainah mahani said...

tanx BELLA!!!!
and sorry banyak3 bebiler aku ader buat salah.. :'(

silentdreamer said...

its okay..
eh tapi kan
belum raya lagi laaa
kumpul byk2 baru bagus bile mnx maaf