Wednesday, 28 July 2010


today was a tough day.

but still that hardest part made me know who is the GREATEST one!
thank you ALLAH..

all things happened made me felt like being slapped but YOU give me to show YOUR love and to show me what am i supposed to do.


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sami yusuf's songs

there's a lot things to be done and i asked all the strength from the GREATEST one and alhamdulillah, i'm still okay!!

to be positive is to see things as a muslim...EXACTLY!!


okay...back to the title upthere.

i miss my high school friends!!
it's been more than one year, i think, i didn't meet them yet.

hurrmmm...when can i get the chance??
i wanna see their face
i wanna hear their voice
i miss you, girls!!

when can we meet, eh? even it's almost near to august..the egypt students will fly soon..

ya Allah...i really want to meet them. to talk with them. and yet, i didn't if i can still 'masuk' with them. maybe i've a lot of 'nerdy' stuff here. so, it seems like there's less of bella yg "gila2".

but, to me, it's fine. as long as i can meet them.
girls, i wanna see all of you badly!!

huhuhuhuhuhu -_-


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