Sunday, 18 July 2010


kata member2 di smakl,
"sharing is FUN"
kata member2 di kmb,
"sharing is CARING"

erm..tak kesahlah nak share jugak!hehe

"Example of what the Columbia River plume front looks like.

At certain phases of the tide, the boundary between the river and ocean

water is visible as a long foam line between brownish water from the river

and more grayish or bluish water from the ocean. All juvenile salmon exiting

the Columbia River must pass through this boundary to enter the ocean."
i've got it from this link. what i want to highlight is the ocean and river. not what they are researching about. but you can find it out about their salmon fish research. improve your knowledge, rite?
"Dia yang membiarkan dua laut mengalir yang (kemudian) keduanya bertemu, Di antara keduanya ada batas yang tidak dilampaui oleh masing-masing" (55:19,20)
AlQuran was send to us since 1400 years ago from Allah sent by Jibril to Rasulallah. Have we heard that prophet Muhammad was already went to Columbia river? This is the saying of Allah, no argument!! 
insyaAllah..if there's a flaw please tell me. thank you ^_^

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