Wednesday, 7 July 2010



tadi, waktu coolsem ada la seorang sahabat ni, dia bagi suggestion kat kitorang (kawan2nya). then, aku rasa idea ni bagus! so, i like to share with u guys!!

bermula dengan sebuah cerita....

there's a husband and wife who had fight and finally, they want to get a divorce. they said they cannot stand with each other face. then, during the process of the divorce, they make all things that they have separated equal into half. everything seems to be halved except for one thing, which is, their children. they got 3 children. so, they think how do we divide them? human cannot be divided into two. 

so, they see an ustaz that take care of their case, and asked what is the solution? the ustaz said, first, you postponed your divorce for a year. in order to divide them equally, you have to add one. so, it becomes 4 and can be divided into 2. 

next, after a long period of time, the ustaz go to the mall, and see the husband and wife walking together and thank him cause now, they did not get 4 but five!!

see how beautiful their story that Allah gave them 5 because if they want to get divorce, they have to add one more and then, it will be okay again...and..bla3

so, what is the lesson here..?

if we have bad things that we want to do, or anything that will make our ibadah to ALLAH a bit late or even truly late, we have to delay it!! what am I talking is about sin or jahiliyah. for example, we want to do homework but we hear azan. so, do we delay the homework or the solat??

now, let us do this. now, imagine.
we want to see a tv programme that brings no benefit at all. we try whenever we want it, we delay it for 5 minutes. then, after 5 minutes, we try to delay it more. then, somehow it already half hour past. usually, if we try, there wil be a time where we dont have any interest at all to do the sin and jahiliyah.

try it or you'll regret forever!!!!'

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