Thursday, 26 November 2009



today, i'll going back to my kampong in thing for sure, can i revise there?? huhu seriously, i think i can't!! oh no!! but, just like pn surinam and fywa (aku pomote ko nih..hik3^^) said --> whatever it is, life must goes on! erm..i'm pretty agree with that phrase just to make myself comfortable..but if we look from another perspective (rasa macam oral la pulak), hey! IB is my life now and if i fail IB, my life start to going upside down not "on and on" like both of them said.

but, nevermind. everybody got their own perception (masuk TOK la pulak..) that's true! erm..btw that's a lot things happened this week. i passed my karate grading with my other 16 karate members!! yeay! not to mention bruises on my skin for blocking rain to attack me. what else..erm.. yesterday, we (m09eternity) celebrated our biology teacher's birthday, puan norhayatee. erm..ape lagi teacher bagila markah lebih..ahahha >_<.

throughout this first sem, i felt delighted to be part of m09eternity, i mean my class. my classmates are very helpful and cheerful and crazeyh and u name it! eventhough we looked them just like ordinary people actually they are smart..much smarter than me, i think! so, korang help me with my exam!! i really appreciate of what you guys did all this time. although it's just first sem, i really had a great time here.! stressing about subjects (math, totally!) together. doing all activities~~ international fair..tanam ubi..buka puasa..and so on.

after this, we're going to see who becomes the honour roll and i wish everyone was in the list!! amin..striving together like no one can stop us...ahaks! hopefully, everyone will stay connected and help each other okay..!? looking at our class picture really made me smile everytime i see it..! (except for that part,, i dont want to say that...urgh~)

next week, final sem exam come to meet me. now, all the kmbians sweating pulling all the strength together to confront it!! haha. all the best and pray for me!!^_^

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