Friday, 20 November 2009

hari2 hujan kan??


it was a very tiring week for me..gosh! sometimes i cant believe that i just let myself get into this hectic IB world..haiya~~

okay move on..
this week many things happen..
erm..let me think
my english oral.. was going pretty well for me and my teammates
ena, put n acap
thanks a lot guys!

not to mention
my math n stat
seriously extremely frustrated!!!
malas da nak citer
makkk kenapa aku rasa prob tu susah sangat ahh??
every math or stat class or IRP did make me more stress!!
which is very contradict with its purpose--> TO HELP STUDENTS GETTING HIGH GRADE

one more thing..
i cant watch nur kasih!!
got to attend batch meeting
what to do
it's for our own sake, huh??
please update me with NUR KASIH

now, it's time to study bella
one week to go
but there's a lot to revise
my brain already get me the pressure now!!
what to do??

pray for me..
i'll try my best
because my first and second sem final exam
are used to made the teachers to choose my placement
that's what the seniors told me..

u can do it!!

btw as everyone's addiction now


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