Saturday, 21 November 2009



i am very excited to tell about this story..
seriously, it touched my heart..

last night,
we were having a batch meeting
and it ended at 10.15 or 10.30 urm..something like that.
so, the story is DS or dewan selera will close at 10.30..
so, i was very eager to eat at ds and i dont know why i felt that way
seriously, when i looked at ds, it made my heart like screaming and i feel like i want running to get the food,
so when me and my friends arrived there,
the sad part is makcik2 ds were closing the counter......
just at the time we came, the makcik2 closed the counter
argghhh so frustrated!!
i was really sad..i dont know why i get so emo with food..
what else i can say..that is me!
so, when we saw the makcik closed the counter,
we headed to koop..everyone was okay..except for me
my friends entered the koop to buy things as i was sat on a bench waiting for them sadly because i didn't bring any money..
(ish3 aku ni macam budak2 laa..)
but that was happened
i thought my friends will be like
"weyhh gedix gila minah ni..sebab food pon nak emosi lak..!"
but they were very understanding..they offered their money to buy something in koop, and they offered their icecream..aww it touched my heart and at one particular time,
there was a pool of tears in my eyes...
they were very shocked to see that but i just hold it like no one saw it..
now they knew that one of their friends is very2 emotional when it comes to food..
then, i was like "jomlahh kite balik. tak boleh tengok ds.."
but wani left her bag at ds..
as she was getting her bag, we saw makcik2 ds opened again the counter
there were a bunch of students queued (is it correct?) to take the food

and i saw auni walking so fast and called me to get in the ds
so, at that time i was really happy..
we entered again the ds and enjoyed the food..

one thing..
i was really overwhelmed with my friends
they were trying to find a solution for me
and at the end they did..

and for sure,
because of my sad face at the koop,
fiza bought me a burger!!!
so touched!!

thank you soooooo much guys!!!!
all of you were really kind

fiza, wani, fywa, ima, ena, auni
thanks again
it was so fun to have friends like you guys!!

and it reminds me of my high school friends
korang.. aku rindu korang sangat2!!
bila laa kita boleh ketawa macam setan lagi??
sometimes, it made my heart sank when i was thinking of you guys!

but whatever it is, i am sooo lucky to have all of you as my friends in my life!
thank you for making my life happier!!!


seribu satu kenangan said...

sgt mnyntuh hati.
sronok dpt kwn2 yg baek mcm tu:)

silentdreamer said...

yup that's rite!!


ko pon salah sorg dri kawan2 aku yg baek jugak!!

btol x??

syg ko..^^

mimie said...

Awww I'm crying missing my friends too. but you're lucky because I havent found any kmj's friends are as kind as you all :( i meant it.

teringat waktu bella nak balik rumah lepas balik dr genting. aku nangis sebak mcm tu la malam tadi teringat

AnAk iBu said...

besok bday kak abez!!
cepat wish dye kat post pasal ari jadik dye kat belog akk..!
neh post seprais!
cepat seblom dye bace!

silentdreamer said...

mimie>> alaa..mie. jgn sdey eh!! be happy;) u got us rite?!^^

kak nani>> x bru 0n9..okay sy wt skg..!