Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Tarbiyah.Umrah.#4: Be good to our parents!

Wabilwalidaini ihsana

During my umrah, I see so many people from different regions with a different range of age. There are youngster, old people, adults, disabled people and babies. However, one thing in common in all of them are they are taking a great care for their parents.

You can see a son is holding his dad's hand and his dad is really struggling to walk. There is a daughter who walks side by side with her mom, not letting of her hand so that her mom can walk safely without any worry of getting lost. Even a husband who pushed his wife on her wheelchair taking her to the masjidil haram.

It's really a great view to look upon. Despite of so many old people walking hard to get their umrah done, there must be a relative who helped them.

Allah said in the Quran, wabilwalidaini ihsaana. There are few places in the Quran mentions that phrase - to be good to your parents. But to our knowledge, there is no place in the Quran that says be good to your own children.

Why is that?
You know, it's so easy for parents to love their kids. The children dont really have to do much in order to be loved. The parents automatically love them. This is because they are the ones who take care  of the children right from the beginning of the pregnancy till they grow up.

But in order for the children to pay back their parents is not that easy. We can see so many settlement villages for elders and there are some who just abandons their parents. To them, taking care of their parents is another burden. They have their career and their dreams to achieve.

So guys and girls out there,

Be good to our parents while they are still here in this Dunya. After that, we have no more who will pray the best for us nonstop.

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