Monday, 20 March 2017

Tarbiyah.Umrah.#3: Ranting on Selfish People

On the second day, we'd try to get ourselves pray on the ground floor, the closest that we can get to the Kaabah. We got second row of the second prayer space which is not bad. As we're waiting for Asr there are more people coming in try to get some space for them to pray.

There are nice people but there are some who are sooo selfish. These people maybe they were too tired to find a space by themselves that they decide to just sit on someone else's prayer space. They were not taking their seat but they just sit in front of that people which is happened to be a space for people to sujood. So when they were sitting, there was no more space for people (who came earlier and already save their space) to sujood.

It is so frustrating to see them. In fact in order for them to realise their mistake that we have to clearly talk to them that they have to go away and some of them even replied back that it is okay, there will be more space when everyone stands up. Whoaaa this is challenging and it's really testing my iman!

To be honest, selfish people is really frustrating. They are a bunch of people who I have struggle the most to be positive with. I bet u guys are the same as well aye? Things just got so hard if there are so many selfish ppl. They just want their things to get finished first. They dont really to wait for their turn, they just randomly sit in ppl's place, they cut the line and so much more to be said here. I am so discouraged by these people!

The same thing to Malaysia, there are tonnes of selfish people there. Just take Malaysian drivers for example.

This reminds me of the Judgement day. U know Rasulullah said, on that day, everyone will be selfish, they dont really care about the one that he loved. Even Allah said in the Quran, during the Judgement Day, a dad wants to secure himself from Hell that he is willing to sacrifice his wife, his children and his best friends.

I wonder how the situation looks like in real life?! It must be so horrible.

There are some reason ppl tend to be selfish and I think the biggest reason is they are desperate. They desperate maybe because the source is scarced and if they dont fight for it, they will not get it.

I just hope that on Judgement Day, I will be included in a group of people who are safe and make my way to Jannah.

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