Thursday, 25 August 2011



5 days left....

seriously, it's really sad! (i'm serious, ok!). to live in this beautiful month is such a bliss. i hope i'll give all out during this Ramadhan. plus, next years ahead, i'll experience Ramadhan in different environment (if God wills). 

yup, Ramadhan isn't about fasting only. to live here in home with no bi'ah (atmosphere) like kmb or smakl makes me really learnt about tarbiyah dzatiyah. sometimes, i failed. sometimes, i succeed. no matter how hard a day can be, i'll try to keep remind myself. yup, i'm still like a baby, taking a baby steps. i'm not like those people who are absolutely fast, walking in long distance.

i'm so sorry cause i'm not a good helper. yah, put the blame on me cause i know i'm the one who are not very helpful to everyone. arghh! please Allah, makes me always think about You!

i AM a weak servant who are trying to help myself to please You. i'm envy with people who are wayy better than me. i hope i can be one of them. 

O Allah, i could only seek help from You! >_<


aunihannan said...

yg penting, never stop trying and improving...^_^

silentdreamer said...

betol3!! auni, doakan aku. moga kita terus kuat, aminnn :)