Wednesday, 14 September 2011



Alhamdulillah cause Allah is still giving and showing His love to all of us and in this case me and my dear friends :) just like a hadith down here;

On the authority of Mu’aawiyyah who said, the Messenger of Allah s.a.w said,  

“he who Allah wants good for, He gives him understanding of the deen (religion).”  

[Hadeeth reported by Bukhaari and Muslim] 

today, me and my friends had a chance to join a happy sharing circle with our senior. before that, i want to thank everyone for being there to share everything which are wonderful, WONDERFUL thoughts!! 

one thing that i learnt today that i remember sooo much is to be a BELIEVER is such an amazing job. you know, before this, when i heard in AlQuran, sentences like...  

"O you who believe!" or "O you believers!", 

i just thought like.... 

"okay, that's a sentence for mu'minun (people who believe) and yah, i think me and all of us, muslims are the one who believes in what Islam teaches. so, we have to take note that ayat...maybe there's something that Allah wants us to do.."

i didnt say that this kind of thought is wrong. it is absolutely true! but somehow, this morning, i came to realize that i never think of how amazing to be one of the believers!! i mean, to be a believers or mu'minun is not easy. do you really really really believes in Allah? please dont get me wrong. what actually i want to say is do you feel Allah is watching you? do you feel and confident that one day, there will be The Judgement Day where every single thing that you did will be shown and measure? do you really bear in mind that Angels are exist? 

think again!! 

to KNOW and to BELIEVE is wayyyy DIFFERENT!

let me give you an analogy, do you think H. Pylori (bacteria) is exist? 

if you know it, you'll say : "yah, it exists cause i learnt about it in school."

but if you believe it, you'll be like : "it really exists okay, cause i see it moves during my lab time and i was the one who got stomach ulcer from it. so, dont you dare to say it's not exist" (haha..maybe a little exaggeration there :P)

(i hope my analogy bad)

a believer is the one who are confident and have faith on Allah and His message. not everyone on this earth can have faith on something which are cannot be detected by our senses. i guess i dont have to give any example because everyone can relate that one, right? 

so, if you believe deep down in your heart that there will be hereafter and this world is just a temporary place we stop by, you will not letting yourself to be 'high' in false things and take you away from Allah and teachings of Islam. 

take an example --> you are bear in mind, believe if you go to amazon river, you'll got bitten nonstop by the piranha 'monsters' and feel a serious painful injury like hell and end up, you are dead! if that's so, you will not stupidly letting yourself drowning in the river.

to me, to be a BELIEVER, to believe something that we cant see, feel, touch, smell and hear is not an easy task and that's why our iman sometimes fall down and sometimes rockets up because we tend to forget about Allah and that is a HUGE reason for us to always get a reminder. 

that's all we need everytime, a reminder that will take us closer and closer to Allah. *wishingitsomuch*

i'm writing this because i want to remind myself in the first place and maybe it can become your reminder too :D *sharing is caring*

lovemuch and peacebeuponyou ^_^

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aunihannan said...

it's not easy but possible! insyaAllah :) [hurm, walau terasa berat di situ] let's be like them..zainab al-ghazali, bilal etc etc *refreshing*