Wednesday, 28 September 2011


seriously now, i feel guilty to Allah. i know it is not a good thing to do. arghh!! but at the same time, i really dont want to make the person feel shame or dissapointed. i know and i'm trying to stop it but it just keep going and going cause that person always try to lengthen it. *sigh*

Ya Allah, please help me through this. I dont want to get any "liitle heart"-disease.

okay, if you're reading this, please understand me and dont get me wrong! we know our limit and let's just be friend to please Allah. I love that kind of friends :D

more than that, let Allah does His works.

I'm writing this cause I admit that I'm His weak slave T_T


aunihannan said...

bella, awat ni???

silentdreamer said...

takde pape la.. problem ni dah solved dah..hehe :)

jazakillah auni for asking :)