Sunday, 17 July 2011



greetings, people! or i should say,"Kia ora!!" haha.. do you know what language is that? perhaps, you should google it then..hehe

nevermind, i just wanted to give some update about myself. nothing less nothing more. well, now i'm still unemployed, frictional unemployed to be specific. this holiday is something that really a challenge to me. you know, to take care of yourself, your sight, your iman and you name it. 

even now, it is the time for me to do whatever i haven't did during my hostel life before. i guess, now, finally i got my own opinion about life in this world. what i could say is my life is something not actually about me. life is about giving to others. but not strangers. i'm not to that extent yet okay. 

what i'd learn is, life is about Allah and His Message. you know, every single things happened contains the hidden message that we will not know until Allah permits us. i don't know why i'm writing this. just a thought that i learnt while i was in kmb. 

okay, back to the main point, please...
alright, now, i'm seriously in a mood to improve. i hope that after the holidays, i will have a bad relationship with a thing so-called TV by modern human. more and more helping my family and friends too. nevertheless, READ BOOKS. fewwhhh, there are A LOT of books that i haven't finish yet. one of the reasons is that i really like to read according to chapters, not the book. today, i read chapter B in book A. tomorrow, i read chapter Y in book H. just so you know, most of my books is not novels. some sort like articles, difference stories in different chapters. ah-hah!

that's just it! now, get back to your things as i'm about to do my things. do something beneficial to yourself in this World and Hereafter ^_^


please, do not let it go, bella!! -.-"


umai said...

go bella!!

silentdreamer said...

thank you umai dear!!! i love you!! :)

aunihannan said...

go bella go!!!!

silentdreamer said...

thank you auni!!! sayang ko!! T_T