Friday, 8 July 2011



it's a very calm day here in cheras. and dont forget to say what? yes, you dear..say what? (haha) yup, say Alhamdulillah!! *wink3*
okay, sorry for the i-dont-know-what-to-say intro..haha. *forgive me for my weakness.*

so, here, i just want to express some gratitude for everyone. 

i know the success that Allah gave me a few days before is not my effort alone. it happens because (Allah permits it, of course) and the help of every single persons in my surrounding. especially my family, teachers, friends and also you, my readers, aunts or uncles or sisters or brothers who gave me the lessons of life by many ways.  

thank you soooo much for volunteering to be Allah's medium for me to learn about life. 

an unstoppable thank you for everyone of you!!!! 

an unstoppable ALHAMDULILLAH for You, O Allah :)

like uncle ben said (credit to aimi),

"a great power comes with great responsibility"

and sayyid qutb once wrote;

"Victory will not be theirs as a personal reward. They will be given power as trustees appointed for the implementation of the Islamic way of life. They will be worthy trustees because neither were they promised nor did they look for any worldly gain. They pledged themselves truly to God at a time when they were unaware of any worldly benefit that may befall them except that they would win God’s pleasure."
(check my previous post)
have a good day, people!! ^_^


mademoisellejay said...

Congratz bella beyl:)

silentdreamer said...

ur welcome, jannah jane!! congratz to u too dear :)