Thursday, 28 July 2011



well, 3 days to go for Ramadhan, people!! let's not forget that..hee.

last thursday, i was in my kampong in Perlis until last sunday. after that, early morning me and my father went straight to KL, sending my little sister to school and then dropped me at sungai tua, gombak. 

spending 7 days away from home really sent me a message there. actually, before i came to sungai tua, i tell myself and Allah that i really have to find an answer of something that i dont know. i need to end all these endless and pointless thoughts of what should i do?, what am i doing and bla-bla-bla so on and so forth.

and alhamdulillah, i found it at the last day i spent my camp in sungai tua (which is yesterday). thank you Allah for giving the answer clearly..! now, i know what i have to do and where i should i aim for. it's okay to be the last people to discover about it because to be clueless in that messy thoughts really takes my soul away. 

once again, THANK YOU ALLAH for the answer ^_^

it was awesome days to spent with my family in Perlis and my lovely sisters in Gombak. the loads of love that everyone gave to me reminds me of how lovely Allah is. thank you all and all praises to Allah!!! :)

what to do next is to work it on and onnnn~~~~~~

peace out!  

teehee *_*
p/s : 
your merciless comment is soo not gonna make me lose my temper and make me sooo fool to be affected by your words. and not to forget ALLAH KNOWS what just you typed to me. thank you because your comment became a practical learning of what my senior taught me about being wise. GOOD FOR YOU!

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