Thursday, 9 June 2011

assalamualaikum and good day to everyone!!

today, i'm just going to share an idea. does anyone around you or you yourself,  are running out of time, searching for something to make a nice, wonderful present? i dont know if it's suit with what's in your mind but A REMINDER JAR would be the one!!

fyi, it was one of the presents that i gave to my mom as her 42th birthday present besides a card and a colourful Hadis 40. basically, it is a jar full of cute folded papers that have motivational ayatul Quran. it was originated from my friends in kmb who did this by using only coloured papers making the box and the folded papers on it. 

since it was going to be a birthday present for my mom, so i reinvented it in a new form but still the same concept. so, you can try to do it! you know, it's very good cause it makes you more closer to Al-Quran and of course Allah ^_^

check out the pics!!
behind the scene, time : 2 am

the papers before it turned to be the cute folded papers! :)

you can have bigger size of it and you can design whatever ways you want! (this is just for a rough idea)

jar pic 2

okay, hope this post can help anyone. enough for that, da~~~