Monday, 20 June 2011

O Allah!!


dear readers, i dont have anything and i dont feel like to write a long entry for this time. i just want to release my emotion., i'm not in kmb that i can just go to my friends' rooms and talking about my sadness or problems. so, this (my blog) is the substitute of my friends and i know Allah knows how do i feel now. 

i dont know if i am soo bad that i feel this kind of feeling but i'm a human who is not perfect. you know what i'm saying? currently, i feel so sad and i dont want to talk about it in further. i just want to express my sadness.

what i can say is all of my friends out there, you have to be grateful that you guys are sooo lucky to have that kind of awesome chance to learn everything and you can improve yourself far away better than me. 

i dont know but i feel like crying to talk about this thing. anyhow, i just believe that Allah knows what is best for me and Allah who brings up the best in me. even though it is bitter but i have to learn to swallow it. 

bella, you have to be happy to see they were having fun. you supposed to feel grateful that their spirits are rocketing up to the peak so that they can give you a bunch of reminders. you have to accept it, bella, that Allah put the plot of your life beautifully. *i'm trying to be husnuzon (positive) here*

well, not everything is sweet right? although it is sweet, but still you'll have the bitter side of it which is responsibility. so help me people! coz (wAllah) the holiday is a very very very tough period of time for me. ~_~ i'm holding it and will keep holding on. 

maybe i'll be invisible. you can see me, but i dont appear in front of you guys. 

that's it. sorry, i just posted a bunch of craps :( 

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