Wednesday, 15 June 2011


well, happy day to you!!
alhamdulillah and all praises to Allah for giving these whole 20 years to me. something that i cant describe. life, knowing You and struggling just for You is a very very very awesome gift to me :)

thank you Allah!!

and this morning, i get this ayat from Him (thru the reminder jar).

"Lo! We have given thee Abundance. So pray unto thy Lord, and sacrifice."   108 : 1 & 2

i guess Allah told me to work more and more for him despite all of the gifts that He already gave me. yeah! we cannot repay back all of the things that Allah bestowed us. so, what can we do is just follow what He told us to and left all those that He dont want us to do :) (that is 1 of the explanation of taqwa)

okay people, have a great day on my birthday..(that's rhymed!)

peace be upon all of you ^_^

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aimirokis said...

bella! belated sanah helwa ye... hehhehe... fastabiqul khairats!!!!!