Tuesday, 2 November 2010



tak nak cerita apa2 sebab sekarang tak ada benda yang best melainkan kerja yang bergunung-gunung saja. 


but, i just want you to know that even though we are far away apart but i still remember you. 
dont worry, dear. i always pray the best for you!

insyaAllah, one day, we'll meet up and we can share lots of things and feeling. 

from your friend, who are stucked here in banting.



...cintajihad... said...

saya anggap awak tengah cakap dengan saya. hehe

insyaAllah, we'll meet up one find day :)

haha. perasan lah ku nazurah :P

...cintajihad... said...


silentdreamer said...

yup!! i am talking to my friends n u are 1 of them!!

thanks, dear!!