Sunday, 14 February 2010



tonight..i feel so missing u guys, my dear high school friends!!

seriously, i feel like i was sooo far from u guys. even my friends in egypt knows a lot from me which is in malaysia. i felt sooo sad. just that guilty feeling really kill myself. in order to keep everything is not neglected, i try to keep it balance. but as i try, it turned upside down slowly.
but, tonight, i feel sooooooooo happy. a trillion zillion happiness. i had a little conference with my dear friends. at first it was diana then mimie next is bie and then nadia and diba. what an enjoyable night!!
i'm sorry i didn't have FB account cause i guess i'll be carried away by it.
okay then..just that's all.
please leave me a message if u guys visit this blog.
thank you.

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