Saturday, 13 February 2010


gosh..take me away from that idiot box!! so that, i can finish my work..! please..i've been stucked in front of the tv for a long period and i'm doing nothing except watching and wasting my time. i hate it sooo much. please make me dont feel like watching..i knew it waste my time a lot.

this is a regression that myself feels like hitting my head on the wall. how s***** am i wasting time like that.?? okayh bella..get back to work. there's a bunch of them..!

and remember what quran says,

"wasting is a friend of devil"

it's a little reminder for everyone...!!

till then,, jaa~~

p/s: syukran jazilan for your support (in the shoutbox) ya akhowati!! uhibukki fillah^_^

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