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One question : Why are you still single now, bella?

"... Maybe you would’ve been a terrible wife that disobeys her husband which can be the cause of the punishment of Allah. Maybe due to your patience for accepting this reality and being content with what Allah Has decreed for you, your rank will be raised in Paradise. Or maybe you would’ve been an awful husband, a wife beater or a terrible father. Remind yourself and others that one’s grave will not be any wider nor will their standing in front of Allah on the Day of Reckoning be any easier because of their marital status. It’s rather our diligence in guarding the boundaries of Allah and serving His religion that bring about true salvation. Scholars like Al-Nawawi and Ibn Taymiyah (May Allah Have Mercy on Them) were never married yet their legacy is with us today because of their services to Islam and Muslims.

We should therefore use our time wisely and strive to better the half of our deen that we actually have control over. Seek knowledge at every opportunity, learn the Quran even if it’s one verse a day, learn about our rich Islamic history and the great personalities that contributed to it, take up a new hobby, read beneficial books, travel, get involved in charity or dawah work , learn a new language etc. Have a fulfilling life before marriage for marriage is not just about being married, but also about how stimulating and blissful this bond should be. And if you’re happy single, you’ll be happier in marriage. But if you are miserable single, you’ll be just as miserable in marriage for another person doesn’t hold your happiness in their hands. And the Nikkah (marriage) contract does not come with magic potion! Asmaa bint Abi Bakr (May Allah Be Pleased with Her) eloquently expressed this when she said;

"Verily my happiness is my iman (faith), and verily my iman is in my heart, and verily, my heart doesn't belong to anyone but Allah"

Finally, it’s very important to keep in mind that marriage is a beautiful sunnah that should be rejoiced and every Muslim should want to experience this blessing. However, if one doesn’t get married because he/she didn’t meet a compatible spouse or delays for valid reasons, there’s no blame on them. And if you die tomorrow single, Allah will not ask you why you weren’t married (for this was His decree) but rest assured that He will certainly ask you about your life and how conscious you were of the other half of your deen.

"The two feet of the son of Adam will not move from near his Lord on the Day of Judgement until he is asked about five (matters):- 1) about his life - how he spent it; 2) about his youth - how he took care of it; 3) about his wealth - how he earned it; 4) and where he spent it; 5) and about that which he acted upon from the knowledge that he acquired."
Al-Tirmidhi. "


Marriage is something big, I mean, really big. It takes you to work with someone that, in a way,will determine whether you're going to Heaven or Hell. Plus, that someone is not the same as your gender. It's someone from the other side of the world. Different style of thinking, saying and whatever you want.

First thing first, the big question is not this marriage thingy.

It's about how do I spent my life?
How do I spent my youth?
How do I spent my money, my energy, my time?
and where do I spent it?

That's what I need to deal now.

Oh yeah, Ramadhan is coming soonnnn!! This is what we're waiting for! 

So, how's your preparation for Ramadhan? 

Get prepare, folks! Something big is coming! 

When it comes to exam, we really get this nervousness and start cramming all the notes inside our brain that we can get imsonia out of it..so why not Ramadhan? 

Ramadhan is bigger than exam, man! Seriously! 

Start to thinking about that, right? How do you utilise the month? 

Okay, enough with the talking. Adios, readers! 

Jazakumullahu khayr :)   

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